Revolut Business Onboarding Experience
    • Role: Product Designer
      Duration: 2 months
      Year: 2019
      Collaborations: Product Manager, Head of Design, Developers, Data Analysts
  • Problem

    Revolut Business is used by more than 500,000 customers. The goal was to improve the onboarding experience by redesigning some of the screens from the onboarding flow. Since the business onboarding process is very complex, we wanted to make sure to make a simple and intuitive flow with an improved user interface supported on both desktop and mobile. The user interface and flow was very challenging to use on mobile devices.

    Onboarding Flow

    We started off by identifying issues that users were encountering. One of the issues was that users were not providing the proper details as incorporation format requires. We also encountered some usability issues which we made sure to fix. We also wanted to make sure to reduce the time a business owner got fully onboarded, which in some cases took days.

    The flow was also thoroughly analysed to see if we can change or combine some screens to make things simpler and quicker.

    Some minor improvements really helped with the overall flow. Thanks to the collaboration with the data analysts, although these changes were not drastically noticed, it helped with the user experience and the whole onboarding flow.

    Minor changes such as opening the dropdown for ‘Type of property’ by default.

    Adding some minor improvements such as more space to general UI, address suggestion based on Google, and save information so that user won’t have to re-enter information twice.

    Business Owners

    The next step was to work on the Business Owners screen and improve the overall user interface. Due to the complexities and many elements placed on the screen, the task was to improve the mobile experience.

    I started doing research and understand the proper flow and point out some issues with the implementation along the way.

    I made sure to improve the existing screens and make sure that both mobile and desktop screens are easy and intuitive to use. I also made sure to test extreme cases on both platforms.

    Application Screen

    The application screen is a screen that all Revolut Business clients land on and interact with. The screen allows users to submit personal and business information and shows the status for each application. My task was to improve the user interface and mobile experience.

    I started off by exploring existing desktop and mobile screens.

    The UI included both UI and accessibility improvements. I wanted the card to shrink when the section is submitted to make use of better space. I also added a progress bar with messages to encourage the user to complete the application. The reason for this change was because there were some users that got stuck in this screen and never completed the application. I also took into consideration accessibility issues and made sure to support text with icons especially when green and red are used together.

    The screen was also completely redesigned on mobile to make sure information is accessible, components don’t take much space on the screen, and make use of better space.

    Moments of Delight

    I wanted to explore UI interactions to make the users more engaged and the user experience more delightful. I started off by testing how we can show that the user completed part of the application successfully. I did this by exploring an animated progress bar after each application is submitted. I also tested how we might show error states.

    I also wanted to incorporate a card tweening effect and adding subtle animation to the status icons.


    We managed to achieve great results. More users were reported to complete the business application. In two months, we have also seen a rapid increase in the number of users. We also managed to decrease the average time on some pages. During this project I collaborated very closely with data analysts which helped take design decisions more carefully by analysing data.