Nemea Key is a two factor authentication application designed to replace traditional passwords and hardware tokens. Nemea Key offers strong authentication of the cardholder who is performing Verified by Visa 3-D Secure, MasterCard SecureCode, American Express SafeKey or Diners ProtectBuy authentication. The app also offers a number of security features that are more advanced and appropriate for an online banking platform. One of the main features is that the app always asks the registered users to input the PIN before authenticating access to their account. In doing so, it adds another tier of security to the account login without overcomplicating the process.

Flow Study

Before I started working on the actual screens, I designed the whole UI in low-fidelity wireframes and planned out the flow of the app.

Banking Supremely Easy

Nemea Bank does not run a network of physical branch offices but supplies all its services online, breaking borders and making banking supremely easy. All one needs to open a bank account and authorise all the transactions is a device with an Internet connection. This means users will never have to carry a physical PIN generation device and can bank with greater security and convenience, at the tap of a button.

Instant and Worldwide

Nemea Key offers its clients the ability to receive instant notifications and to transfer money worldwide instantly and for free.

Changing Smartphones

If users intend on changing their smartphone, Nemea Key allows users to transfer/copy registration to their new device.

Three-Domain Secure

Three-Domain Secure (3DS or 3-D Secure) is a XML-based messaging protocol to enable cardholders to authenticate themselves with their card issuer while making card-not-present (CNP) online purchases. 3-D Secure helps to prevent unauthorised CNP transactions and protects the merchants and issuers and cardholders from fraud on cards.


The Nemea Bank MasterCard offers a number of security features that are more advanced and appropriate for an online banking platform such as allowing users to turn ATM transactions on and off directly from their internet banking,set daily payment limits and get realtime notifications.