The Nemea Bank MasterCard offers a number of security features that are more advanced and appropriate for an online banking platform such as allowing users to turn ATM transactions on and off directly from their internet banking, set daily payment limits and get realtime notifications.


Since the accent colour of the brand is black, the idea behind Nemea Bank's MasterCard was to have half of the pattern UV coated to make the blacks noticeably richer and vibrant. The UV coating allows the pattern to maintain a professional and high quality appearance.



Final Card

Card Holder

Three-Domain Secure

Three-Domain Secure (3DS or 3-D Secure) is a XML-based messaging protocol to enable cardholders to authenticate themselves with their card issuer while making card-not-present (CNP) online purchases. 3-D Secure helps to prevent unauthorised CNP transactions and protects the merchants and issuers and cardholders from fraud on cards. Read more on Nemea Key and 3-D Secure here.