Freya - Libyan cosmetics import company based in Tripoli specializing in import of natural beauty products and cosmetics. The brand identity is based on Libyan culture/traditions with a focus on themes, traditions, custom, colors, motto's, calligraphy and designs inspired by the Southern areas of Libya and the Toureg people.
40 (Erbgħin Kreattiv) - The main idea of the identity was to produce a look of action to express contemporary art through the motion of the logo. The different arrangements of the logo creates a sense of motion by blurred forms, and textures that cause the eye to move over the work.
Asterion - Symbol
Asterion - Wordmark
Bird of Paradise Academy of Beauty - Wordmark
C.G Stones - wordmark. The goal of the client was to create a modern, minimal look and to evoke a classy feel. C.G Stones offers a trusted resource for the finest quality materials and to provide the best possible service to customers.
NIP - Nemea Instant Payment
Red Electrick - Rock / Pop Band.
Sunglass at Night - Symbol
Sunglass at Night - Wordmark. Sunglasses at Night can be described as a concept that has taken the party island of Malta by storm. A string of one off events at which patrons are encouraged, or rather obliged, to wear sunglasses.The brand identity concept is based on sound waves that represent the interaction of audio and visual.
Transcribe Zone - Transcribe Zone provides English and Maltese audio transctipion services from the comfort of your home. The symbol was derived by combining different design elements such as the microphone, headphones and inverted commas which represent the beginning and end of a direct speech.